Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies

Thirty Years of Shining Contribution to Macedonian Hellenism


  • Prof. Anastasios M. Tamis


In 2017, after thirty-four years of shining input to Macedonian Hellenism and the enhancement of its historical and cultural values to Macedonians of Hellas, the Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies (AIMS) remains in the Hellenic Diaspora one of its monumental literary, research and academic institutions, marking a milestone in the history of Macedonians abroad. Throughout the last three decades, over four-hundred remarkable European, American, Asian and Oceanian scholars, moved by their perfervid zeal for the history of Hellas, made their work, writings and thought a striking feature of the intellectual life of this institution. Their passionate devotion to the legacies of Macedonian Hellenism thought, and achievement was expressed, with assumed enthusiasm, in various international and national Conferences, symposia, concerts, publications, fellowships and academic visits planned by the AIMS. Some of the most prominent historians of the 20th century in classic, Byzantine and contemporary Macedonia presented their fundamental scholarly findings in those academic fora established by the AIMS rendering due service to truth, against those few whose fervid zeal was shown in appropriating the doctrines and legacies of Aristotle, Philip of Macedon, Alexander the Great and the Olympian deities.

Author Biography

Prof. Anastasios M. Tamis

President, AIMS Director, Australian Institute for Hellenic research




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