Women and costumes of Naoussa, the end of an era


  • Eugenia Zaliou-Basiakouli


This is a luxury big shaped book (Ph.1) with 300 pages, 213 black and countless color photos, 180 pages of analysis of costumes, 15 pages devoted to male costumes and 72 informants to present the history of traditional costumes in Naoussa as collected and recorded by Mrs. Eugenia Zaliou-Basiakouli. This is an important issue, lifework of its author-researcher, who fills the incomplete bibliography and references to female (and not only) costumes of Naoussa-Macedonia-Greece. It is a multi-faceted approach of local costumes supported and automatically animated through a great selection of photographs from the archives of the author. Includes verbal information gathered literally the eleventh hour to record the historical and social context of Naoussa from 19th to the beginning of the 20th century, in particular the status of women in the local community.

Author Biography

Eugenia Zaliou-Basiakouli

Writer - Researcher




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