The Battle of Fardykambos – March 1943


  • Dr. John Siapantas
  • George Lioukas AIMS IT Sub Committee


The Battle for Fardykambos was the most successful battle won by the Greek resistance during the Second World War. The battle took place around the town of Siatista in the region of Western Macedonia in March 1943. This account of the battle is from a book that was originally published by the author in 2008. The book has been digitised and translated into English.

Author Biographies

Dr. John Siapantas

John Siapantas was born in the town of Siatista in Western Macedonia. He finished Primary School in Siatista and High School in Thessaloniki. In 1952, immediately after graduating from High School, he entered the Military Medical School and graduated with a medical degree and the rank of Second Lieutenant. He served for 26 years in the Army, specializing in anesthesiology.
He retired in 1984 with the rank of Brigadier General and then worked as an anesthesiologist in a large private clinic in Thessaloniki until 2001. His excellent scientific training and decades of experience in the field of anesthesiology, prompted him to publish a book entitled "Spinal Anesthesia" in 2004.
His love for his hometown, Siatista, as well as his passion for history led him to write and publish a second book, in 2008, entitled "Fardykambos – March 1943 – A landmark battle: the greatest achievement of the National Resistance"

George Lioukas, AIMS IT Sub Committee

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